Each year The Italian Awards celebrates the best of Italian hospitality and puts the power into the hands of you lovely lot, our fAmalia! Who is your favourite cuoco? Where do you go for the best Italian coffee? What does an award-winning pizza look like? The votes are counted, the trophies polished, and Antonio puts his best apron on for another cook off, because this year we reached the finals for Cuoco of the Year, Best Pasta, and, for the third time, Best Pizza. Believe it or not, we’re speechless!

Since first opening, slowly but surely, we’ve watched Amalia’s shelf fill with shiny trophies and encouraging awards. We’d be lying if we said this didn’t give us a cheeky ego boost and make us swell with pride upon seeing our hard work recognised. Amalia is our baby and we strive to see her grow from strength to strength, but not without a few necessary stumbles and wobbles along the way to find her best feet. But with all the glitz and glam, what keeps the fire in our hearts, the plates spinning, and our business growing is the supportive community that surrounds us. You fuel our passion to serve home cooked, high quality Italian cuisine.

Since first partaking in 2016, the Awards have brought us together with fellow business owners bringing authentic Italian dishes and a taste of its culture to England. The level of support amongst independents and the delicious versions of dishes we know and love is outstanding. Starting a business calls for courage and taking that leap already makes you a winner. Joining the Awards also brought brand new faces to our doors, eager to taste the Best Pizza in England for themselves. This has given us more friendships, grown our fAmalia, and got our pizza and pasta into more and more hungry mouths seeking a true taste of Italy. This is what we value first and foremost.

We’re extremely proud to be part of this exciting, spirited, rewarding event for the third year running, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your votes, so we are sending a huge, hearty grazie to all. For every meal you enjoy with us, for all the times you fill our restaurant with joy and chatter, and choose to celebrate occasions over your favourite Amalia dish, our dreams come true before our very eyes. It’s no wonder Miguel received the Happy Award at this year’s Liverpool Food & Drink Festival! The most important stamp of approval is knowing that we are doing our best every single day and bringing smiles to our customer’s faces. We’re having a lot of fun on this crazy journey and it is worth every peak and trough.